Expanding Myth and forging fantastic new designs.

Myth Journeyman was a major success on Kickstarter, the third project launched on the crowd funding platform by MegaCon Games. While I touched almost every part of the game, below are various items that I created from the ground up or had a major role in developing.

Custom Icons

With all the many icons in the Myth base game I never imagined there would be over 40 more to create! I had to push hard for some of these and am pleased with the results.

Module Icons

Custom Logos

There are two expanstions for Myth Journeyman: Shores of Kanis and Blackwall Warrens. Beyond these, there are modules that offer additional unique gameplay experiences. The expansions and modules all have unique logos. The desire was to have "logos within logos" (akin to video game sequals) that have a fantasy feel of the Myth world, yet each being very original. I crafted fully custom lettering from scratch for all 12 them except the word "Ferrenroc" is a modified existing font.

Module Logos

Design & Layout

Shores of Kanis / Blackwall Warrens Box Bottoms

Shores of Kanis / Blackwall Warrens Punchboards

Module Booklets: Each module contains a 24 page booklet with story driven adventures and setup instructions. Below is an excerpt of the Shores of Kanis module booklet.