Digging deep for a great design.

The elements that I created for MegaCon Games' Dumpster Diver are a bit different compared to my typical precise / refined designs. It was great to be pushed out of my realm and develop a rough look that fits the game well.

Custom Logo / Abbreviated Logo

I created the logo's letters from scratch (along with the icons). As you will see further down on the page, the abbreviated logo is used in instances where the full logo would not work well for various reasons.

Custom Typography

Beginning with the logo I created custom letters. Further along in Dumpster Diver's overall design I suggested using the logo's letter styles in other instances, further pushing the dumpster feel of the game. 16 of 26 letters ended up being created along with numbers 0-9 and $.

Various uses of the letters and numbers.

Custom Icons

Card Suits

Custom icons used in the logo.

Design & Layout

Card Backs



A clip from the video MCG Game Process. Keith Lowe, Art Director of MegaCon Games, highlights icons and the logo I created for Dumpster Diver.